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Infinite list of flawless female charactersDaenerys Targaryen

Not a Queen.A Khaleesi.

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"You know nothing, tumblr user enterprising-gentleman."

Based on this original post from a while back; I wanted to do a full version for the new season. 

So how’d I do?

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Jaime: You’ll never marry her

Loras: Neither will you

Everyone else: 


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remember when I watched tv shows for fun and not because I was emotionally dependent with the fate of the characters

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Human error.

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i don’t need social life.

just let me draw.

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the music on hannibal:

  • classical
  • intense sirens and loud clanging
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American Horror Story: Furniture & Carpets


American Horror Story: Furniture & Carpets

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Daenerys Targaryen 4x01 Two Swords

Daenerys Targaryen 4x01 Two Swords

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I have just realised that your icon isn't just a duck it's a duck morphed with a tortoise and I don't understand how I haven't noticed this until now because before it made so much sense but now it makes zero sense so now I'm just questioning life


My job here is done.


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I'm sorry for the multi-fandom mess that is my blog

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